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October 27 2012


Z: instantaneous real time strategy!

There was a time, when I spent my days playing Z. It is a real time strategy game developed by The Bitmap Brothers that honors every single word of this label. Z is fast, demands good strategy as well as tactics and although you can’t build a large war supply economy, planning ordnance is necessary and important. The main game feeling? You will have no free time during the game. None! There is no start phase in which things are not to stressy. The game demands full alertness from the beginning. But you still can do a lot with well planned and sophisticated raids with a few small units. If you do it fast and cheekily. And sooner or later such maneuver are necessary to win the game.
Z was a DOS game and a lot of people liked it for its fast game play, the good tactics and the numerous way human players as well as AI players and humans could outsmart each other.
Unfortunately there was a bad sequel »Z: Steel Soldiers« that lost most of the characteristics which made Z unique. There was a Windows 95 version of Z, but it was never compatible to the Windows NT branch (and subsequently 2000, XP, 7, and 8), so Z became forgotten and the available game opportunities went scarce.

And now, there is for a while a very good FLOSS-remake of Z called Zod. Get it. It feels like the old game, just better!
If you loved RTS but hated the time build complicated economies; if you loved to attack in clever ways but hated, that it is easier to set up a booming economy and just tank-rush in most games; if you love RTS but hate, that you need to play for 20 minutes before the action starts; Zod may be a wonderful experience for you.

Just get it already!
It is available for GNULinux, Mac OS X and Windows.
And maybe send me a mail/tweet, so we can play together.

If you need game play explanations, there is an image-scan-pdf of the old Z manual. The game is fast and easy to learn as the rules are easy and the amount of units and buildings limited.
Tags: FLOSS Zod game

August 07 2012


Ubuntu & Unity

When I first met Unity, I hated it. 
But due to my new used notebook (Thinkpad x200s) and the encouraging article by Ben Hall about his farewell towards Mac OS X, I gave it another try. And I have to say: Well done. I remember it beeing really unusable, but it has become quite nifty as far as I can say, after using it a day. As long as the keyboard-shortcut for a new terminal is changed from Ctrl+Alt+T to F8 or something similarly easy ^_^.
Well done.
Tags: gadget IT FLOSS UI
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