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HowTo exchange the battery of an Braun electric toothbrush

I have one of these electrical toothbrushes from Braun. It is blue/white, has a timer function (it rhythmically stops vibrating each 2 minutes) and not much else.

I remember paying something around 25 Euros for it. Unfortunately, my toothbrush stopped loading its battery after several years. You can buy the service of replacing them for 20 Euro on Ebay but where is the fun in that and where is my sovereignty?

This is how I opened mine:

  1. Take off the brush-head.
  2. Turn the toothbrush on the charger counterclockwise about maybe 40°. The lower part will open. It is attached with four thin wires for charging, be careful not to rip them off.
  3. Take the small metal ring (it was white in my modell, but is silver on the newer ones) sealing the exit of the thiner stick with the moving part from the thicker part of the body.
  4. Push against the brush-head mount, so that the whole inner part of the toothbrush comes out of its casing
  5. Desolder the connection of the motor to the circuit-board. They are on the top of the circuit-board at the right and left edge.
  6. Lift the metal bail, and remove the lower part of the mechanism (circuit board, battery, closing cap, white plastic frame). Do not forget to lift the plastic frame over the metal noses at the other side.
  7. Desolder the connection of the battery. It is connected to the circuit board on the middle of the top and on the bottom with a small metal latch.
  8. Buy a new 4/5 AA NiMH 1.2V battery. For example at Conrad. Mine costed 4.50 Euro.
  9. Solder in the new battery. The plus pole should be on the top, imagining the toothbrush standing as usual. The plus pole is the one with the smaller metal cap.
  10. Clean the rubber seals. Some vaseline might be a good idea as well.
  11. Reassemble everything.
  12. Done.
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